DYMAG CA5 Production Update

In spite of the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Dymag has recorded strong sales of our motorcycle wheels, especially UP7X forged aluminium road and race wheels for aftermarket and high performance niche OEM motorcycle manufacturers. The UP7X is the wheel of choice for many leading Isle of Man TT and British Superbike teams due to its strong, lightweight, and durable design. 


Dymag is fortunate to have the world’s largest back-catalogue of bikes dating back to the 1970s and not just recently released bikes, as evidenced by a significant demand for aftermarket wheels for more classic restoration projects as well as more modern motorcycles.   Consequently, we are now looking at adding the UP7X single sided rear to our product range in 2021 for 17” x 5.5” and 6.0” rear wheels.


The newly launched Classic CH3 forged aluminium wheels are gathering momentum, replacing the Classic CH3 magnesium range.  The 17” x 3.5” /4.5”/5.0”/5.5” and 6.0” forged CH3 wheels are comparable in weight and remove complications associated with cast magnesium production and will be expanded in 2021 to potentially include 18” wheels, subject to there being sufficient demand. 


Operationally, we are currently in the process of integrating our current six manufacturing centres into a large single site at Brunel Park to drive efficiency and allow us to scale up our rapidly expanding carbon automobile business.  However, due to the incompatibility of the current manufacturing processes between our carbon and auto wheels, we have reluctantly decided to pause production of the Dymag CA5 carbon motorcycle range, while we undertake the factory re-organisation in 2021.  


We will complete all our current orders for shipment before end of February 2021, when the factory move is due to complete, but are not in a position to accept any new order for Carbon CA5 until further notice.


In the longer term, we have an exciting range of new carbon motorcycle wheel products in development, which will become available over the coming 24 months. We will share more details of these product releases and as always welcome feedback on where Dymag should focus new product development in terms of fitments, applications, and technology.


The focus for the next 24 months will be on Dymag’s highly competitive forged aluminium range of lightweight racing specification wheels certified for road use for today’s and future bikes, as well as classic bikes dating back to the 1970s.


We look forward to working with you and supporting your businesses over this exciting period of transformation for Dymag.



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The Benefits of Ultra-Lightweight Wheels

Accelerate faster

With less rotating mass on your bike eating up power, you will gain faster acceleration and quicker braking

Have more control

Lighter wheels make it easier on your steering. You will have more responsive and precise handling

Less rider fatigue

CA5 wheels ease the load on your suspension, so you can enjoy a more comfortable ride with less bouncing and hopping

“She is a completely different bike. So much lighter and nimble. Love it!”

Nicky H


“Recently fitted carbon fiber wheels on my R1 and it has transformed the bike no end. It steers and turns much quicker and a track day instructor said it felt more like a supersport machine.”

Paul K


“A massive aesthetic upgrade”

44 Teeth – Youtube Channel


Incredible weight savings

You can expect to save up to 40% compared to the original wheels that came with your bike. 

Less weight means less work for your bike. And less work for you.

Save up to

0 %

over standard wheel weights




For 40 years we’ve worked closely with race teams whose engineers demand excellence and superior results.

With that experience we’ve refined our wheels to help transform your bike into an elite performance machine.

Our wheels have earned their place in the highest ranks of motorsport and discerning riders know our track record.

Are you ready to join them?

We do standard fitments and custom projects

Whether you are looking to upgrade your motorcycle or create a one of a kind custom project, our design team has you covered.

With an extensive catalog of 600+ motorcycle fitments, we’ve helped hobbyists, racers and custom builders create the bike of their dreams.


Make your wheels stand out

With anodized colored hubs you don’t have to worry about your paint job getting chipped, scratched, or faded.

These hubs undergo an electrochemical process that bonds the color with the metal. This gives them a rich metallic finish that won’t peel, flake or chip.

Select the anodized hub option to choose from seven different colors

Technical Specifications


Carbon Fiber


Extruded Aluminium


17 x 3.50″


17 x 5.50″

17 x 6.00″





Note: Actual weights may vary across bike models and rim sizes

Legal for

Road & Race use in Japan, UK and USA



Available for single and double sided swing arms

Tested to strict Safety Standards

Our engineers carry out impact, fatigue and load bearing tests on our wheels to make sure they perform under extreme conditions.

 All DYMAG wheels are subject to high international standards and are JWL, BSAU50 and DOT certified.


Barry Sheene on DYMAG CH3 wheels in 1970



“I have heard that Carbon Fiber wheels are susceptible to shattering?”
“Why are Carbon Fiber wheels so expensive?”
“Couldn’t I just hit the gym and lose 15lbs instead?

Made to Order

Every DYMAG wheel is custom made to fit your motorcycle and our technical team will work with you to make sure your wheels fit perfectly right out of the box

1 Year Warranty

We want to make sure you’re happy with how your wheels look and perform. We offer a one year warranty for any material or manufacturing defects

Ongoing Support

Our technical staff will support you upgrade to lightweight wheels. From gathering fitment specifications to providing after care